HUG advocates for inclusion and connects people with disabilities to social events and activities

It is the goal of Help Us Gather or HUG that every individual in our community has a sense of inclusion, confidence, and friendship. We accomplish this goal by providing a calendar of local events for individuals with disabilities, organizing HUG Ambassadors and volunteers, hosting social gatherings and attending community events. Help Us Gather is a part of The Helping Project, a 501(c)3 charity organization.

The HUG Story

“I came up with the idea to create HUG after moving my older brother Rick to Clearwater in 2015. Finding him medical and job assistance services were straightforward, but helping him build his social circle was difficult! It took persistence and nearly a year of searching to get him connected in the community. I kept thinking that there should be a website to organize all of the wonderful things our community has to offer. So, in 2017, I started to Help Us Gather, or HUG for short. My hope is that this tool will make it easier for others to connect to the community, to enjoy fun events and activities, and to find new friendships just as my brother did.”
-Robin Lally, Founder, Help Us Gather

Meet Rick

The HUG Team

Robin Lally


Things that make me smile: playful dogs, the beautiful Florida sunsets, parties with disco balls, Christmas, coffee in the morning, my family, fun events and activities to go to!

Favorite Movies: Somewhere in Time, Forest Gump, Cinderella, every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made.

Why I like working at HUG: I get to meet new people and go to fun events and activities in town and I have great team members who teach me new things all the time!

Nicole Barre

Marketing & Communications

Things that make me smile: sleeping in a tent, kayaking quiet rivers, being in airplanes, laughing with friends, cuddling puppies, checking off things on my to-do lists, eating s’mores, playing in waterfalls, listening to live music

Favorite Movies: Moana, Free Willy

Why I like working at HUG: I love trying to see the world through other people’s eyes, working at HUG gives me a wonderful opportunity every day to truly think about what life is like for others.