Celebrity Apperances

Miss Fearless 2018

Andrea Spenciero

Andrea Spenciero has won several national gold medals in track and field from Special Olympics. She is never afraid to try new things and loves to support others following their dreams. Go Andrea!

Orginal HUG Ambassador

Melissa Caulfield

Melissa Caulfield was the inspiration behind the HUG Ambassador program. When the HUG Team met Melissa, she had the brightest smile and was looking for a way to get invloved. We knew we had to take her up!

Miss Charitable 2018

Lauren Chouinard

Lauren Chouinard volunteers her time advocating for human trafficking victims. She doesn’t like people to feel lonely and is extraordinarily talented at making others feel welcomed and loved.

Miss Powerful 2018

Kaylee Gagnon

Kaylee Gagnon is never afraid of a challenge. From horseback riding to boxing, Kaylee approaches all obstacles with a ‘can-do’ attitude and is a true adventurer!

Rays 1st Pitcher

Dirk ‘A+’ Howard

Dirk Howard is a human social network. Everywhere he goes people are walking up to say hello or ask how he is doing. Dirk threw the first pitch for the Rays on September 10th, 2018 in honor of his father.

Miss Inspirational 2018

Heidi Fenton

Heidi Fenton is a graduate from Life Experience School and a peace promoter. She has met global advocates including Mother Theresa, Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.

Help Us Gather, or HUG, is a 501(c)(3) charity founded by a local resident, Robin Lally, that advocates for inclusion and connects individuals with disabilities to social events and activities in the community.

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